Train Ticket Delivery Options

UK train ticket delivery options

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You can choose either e-tickets or collect in station for your UK train travel. Whilst e-tickets are available for most of the popular train routes, as they are not available on all routes the platform will default to collect in station. Further information on e-tickets and how to use them can be found here.

If choosing to collect in the station you can pick up your train tickets before the day of travel. If you don't collect the tickets early, please arrive at least 15 minutes before your train departs.

When you go to the station to pick up your tickets, please take with you:

  • Any debit card or credit card that has a magnetic strip.

  • Your booking confirmation, either printed out or on your mobile phone. This contains the ticket reference that you need when you collect your tickets.

  • A note of the Lead Traveller's name. (There's only space on the ticket record for a single traveller. When there is more than one traveller, the ticket record shows the first traveller/lead traveller name only.)

NOTE  In the following circumstances, the Lead Traveller's name defaults to the Booker's name. In this case, make a note of the Booker's name:

  • The train was booked using a Temporary Traveller, OR

  • Any of the following details is missing from the Lead Traveller's Click Travel profile: Title (e.g. Mrs), First name, Last name, E-mail address (as unique ID).

At the station

Go to the nearest fast ticket machine at the station and:

  • Press a button on the screen to indicate that you wish to collect pre-booked tickets.

  • When asked, insert the credit/debit card you brought and follow the instructions on the card terminal. (The credit/debit card is used only to activate the machine and does not incur any charges.)

  • Type in the ticket reference from your booking confirmation.

Find out more

If you encounter any problems printing out the tickets, please follow one of the links below:


Because your booking is a corporate booking, the card payment method is set to Any. This means that you can collect rail tickets from fast ticket machines at the station with any debit card/ credit card or a card with a magnetic strip as proof of purchase. 

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