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How do train e-tickets work?
How do train e-tickets work?

Make your travel smoother by using an e-ticket for your next train journey

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How do I book an e-ticket?

Once you've found your chosen journey, you can check if to see if e-tickets are available. 

At Checkout, the platform will default to 'Collect in station':

At this stage if you know an E-Ticket is available on the chosen route click to change your ticket delivery method:

Once checkout is complete, you'll automatically receive an email with a PDF containing your tickets. You'll get one PDF for each passenger and journey.

How do I use an e-ticket?

Simply open the PDF on your device and scan at the gate. If you get stuck, ask a member of station staff for help.

Which routes and trains are available?

Not all train operators, routes and ticket types are supported at the moment. Train operating companies are working hard to support e-tickets on more routes and fares.  

Can I store these on my phone? 

The email contains a PDF attachment, and the booking contains a link to add to your Apple Wallet

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