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Passenger special assistance for train journeys
Passenger special assistance for train journeys

Find out what special assistance is available to passengers with a disability and how to arrange it.

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Helping you with your journey

It's recommended that you book assistance at least 24 hours in advance of your journey.

The train operating company can organise for someone to:

  • Meet you at the entrance to the station or a meeting point and accompany you to your train.

  • Provide a ramp on and off the train if you need one.

  • Meet you from your train and take you to your next train or the station exit.

  • Carry your bag.

Rail services are now far more accessible than they were in the past and many people with a disability are able to use the rail network without assistance.

Station staff will help you if they can, even if you just turn up.  Sometimes this might take a little time because they will have other things to do, like dispatch a train or look after safety on the platform. If station staff are not able to help you they should explain clearly why not.

Cancelled or delayed trains

If your train is cancelled or delayed, you will not be left stranded. Train operating companies will do everything possible to get you to the station you wanted to get to. If you can’t access a rail replacement bus, the train operating company will provide an accessible alternative, such as a free taxi to the station you wanted to go to.

Arranging special assistance

Arranging assistance is simple. After you've made your train booking on Click Travel, you can book assistance online using the Assisted Travel Form or by phone using these numbers:

  • 0800 022 3720

  • 0845 60 50 600 textphone/minicom

Arrangements are made for all legs of the journey, even when it involves multiple train operating companies.

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