What is billback?

A summary of billback at hotels

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What is Billback?

Billback is a convenient alternative to paying a hotel bill on departure. Business travellers can avoid the hassle of paying the bill themselves and claiming back the money through expenses. With billback, the hotel bill is paid for by Click Travel and the traveller's organisation is invoiced for the same amount.

What does billback cover?

Organisations can set up billback to pay for the hotel room only, or to cover other charges including breakfast, wi-fi, parking and meals. An upper limit can also be set for meal supplement allowance.

Virtual Cards

For each billback hotel booking, a virtual credit card (v-card) with a unique card number is created. When the hotel booking is confirmed, the v-card is passed to the hotel for billback. At check out, the hotel charges the account to Click's credit account via the v-card. The v-card is displayed on the billback instruction that is attached to the confirmation email.

Billback Process

When a booking is made, the traveller (and hotel) will receive a copy of the billback instruction as a pdf attached to their booking confirmation email.

Arrival at hotel (Check in to hotel)

When checking in to the hotel, please present the receptionist with a copy of your billback instruction. This will include a list of which items you are entitled to charge directly to your company.

The receptionist will then confirm that payment for these items will be made through billback.

During your stay

For any items included in the billback instruction, simply charge them to your hotel bill as you normally would. This ensures that your company will be responsible for paying these expenses, not you.

Day of departure (Check out of hotel)

On the day of departure, the traveller should check their hotel account and sign to approve the charges.

The traveller should confirm that the items they are entitled to billback have been charged to the virtual card provided.

Any additional charges outside the scope of the billback instruction should be paid for by the traveller directly with the hotel on check out.

Searching for Hotels with Billback

To search for properties that accept billback, use the 'payment on account' filter on the right hand side of the platform once a hotel has been searched for. If the hotel does not accept our third party payment, a message saying 'This booking has been guaranteed only, you will need to pay the final bill at the hotel' will be displayed on the checkout page.

How to Know if Billback is Being Used for your Hotel Booking

The list of items which can be billed back to the virtual card is displayed on the email confirmation and on the booking in the platform. If the hotel does not accept payment, the email confirmation and booking details on the platform will state the booking is 'guaranteed only'.

Additional Information

Billback can be more difficult to arrange for international stays. Find out more about International billback restrictions

While Click Travel does everything it can to ensure billback works through its suppliers, it is not completely risk-proof. It is recommended that travellers, especially those travelling outside of Europe and America, should carry a credit card for their own protection.

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