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Book a multi-city flight
Book a multi-city flight

Booking a multi-city flight is easy with Click Travel. Here's how:

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Booking a Multi-City Flight

This article outlines the process to book multi-city flights on Click Travel's platform

Please Note that if your trip includes flights with more than one airline or alliance, it might be cheaper to book these flights separately. If you don't see any results when searching for a multi-city trip, it is likely that the chosen airline does not operate on one of the routes you selected. You can try again with a different airline or search for separate trips.

Step 1: Go to the Click Travel Flights page

On the Click Travel Flights page, select Multi-city at the top of the search form.

Step 2: Enter the airline

If you know the airline you want to use, enter it in the search form. If the airline is part of an alliance, the platform will display other airlines in the alliance automatically.

Step 3: Set the number of flights

The platform will automatically add three flights to the search. If you need fewer or more flights, click Remove this flight on flight three or Add another flight.

Step 4: Complete the search form

Complete the search form with your departure and arrival dates and airports. Then select Search.

Step 5: Select a flight option

Select a flight option for each leg of the trip.

Step 6: Select a fare package

Select a fare package for each flight of the journey.

Step 7: Add to basket

Once you've selected your flights and fare packages, add them to your basket.

Step 8: Proceed to checkout

Proceed to checkout as normal.

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