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Collecting train tickets
What to do if the ticket machine at the station prints only some of the train tickets
What to do if the ticket machine at the station prints only some of the train tickets

When collecting train tickets from the station, the ticket machine accepts your ticket reference but won't print all the tickets.

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Getting on with your train journey

1 Attempt to print the tickets again. 

2 Make a note of the error messages from the Fast Ticket Machine.

3 Check to see if the your missing coupons are generated when the next user of the machine attempts to print their own tickets.

4 If not, speak to the station staff immediately, before leaving the station. Tell the station staff the error messages you received and provide them with the ticket reference. Please tell them that the booking is a corporate rail booking and so the card payment method on the booking is set to Any. (This means that you are authorised to collect this ticket without a credit card as proof of purchase).

5 If the station staff have difficulty resolving the situation, suggest that they call the LSM Helpdesk number 0845 120 5499.

6 If you require further assistance, please contact us and ask us to check the status of your ticket coupons:

0844 745 2121

You can call us 24 hours a day.

(The ticket status indicates to us: the collection station, date and time of the printing attempt, if all or partial amount of coupons have been printed and any messages displayed from the Fast Ticket Machine.)

7 If the tickets have been partially printed, we may have to advise you to visit another Fast Ticket Machine and attempt the print again. If the attempt fails and neither the station staff and LSM Helpdesk are able to help, we now need to investigate this further with the Rail Operator.

8 Depending on when your trip commences, you may be asked to purchase new tickets for for coupons/legs of the journey that are missing, while we investigate. (See below for obtaining a refund.)

Obtaining a refund

If you have to purchase new tickets, you might like to apply for a refund of your original tickets. Please return the part printed tickets / whole ticket to us so they can be assessed for refund.

1 We recommend you send the tickets special delivery, as we cannot action the refund without the original tickets.

2 Please include a cover note detailing the:

  • Station name

  • Message displayed by the fast ticket machine 

  • Station staff response when they tried to assist

  • New booking reference or a scanned copy of the new tickets (if purchased direct at the station)

3 Please return the tickets to the following address:

Rail Refunds
Click Travel Ltd
Alpha Tower, 7th Floor
Suffolk Street Queensway
B1  1TT


  • Please note that refunds are not guaranteed. All refunds have to be authorised by the rail operator. 

  • Please be aware a refund may not be granted if the cost of cancellation outweighs the cost of the ticket and the train operating company cancellation fees, making it non-viable.

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