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What to do if the ticket reference doesn't work in the ticket machine
What to do if the ticket reference doesn't work in the ticket machine

When collecting train tickets from the train station, the ticket machine doesn't recognise my ticket reference

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The problem

When collecting your rail tickets from the station, the ticket machine refuses to accept your ticket reference. 

What to do next

1  Check that the Ticket reference you enter is the 8-digit number shown on your booking confirmation (eg TN123D12).

2  If the ticket machine still refuses to accept your Ticket reference, or if you think the machine is faulty, ask the station staff at the station for assistance immediately.

Asking the station staff for assistance

The next thing to do is to go to the station window and:

1  Hand over the Ticket reference to the station staff and ask them to issue the ticket.

2  Please advise station staff that the booking is a corporate rail booking.  Explain that, for this reason, the booking is set to Any to allow any credit/debit card to be used for pick-up. 

3  If the station staff have difficulties issuing the ticket, suggest that they call the LSM Helpdesk number 0845 120 5499.

If all else fails

Contact us:

0844 745 2121

You can call us 24 hours a day.

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