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Step By Step Process for Cancellations & Changes on Flights
Step By Step Process for Cancellations & Changes on Flights

What to do if impacted by a flight cancellation or schedule change.

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The current climate in travel has unfortunately seen a steep rise in cancellations and

changes when air travel is involved. The below information has been put together with the aim of highlighting what to do in such instances that you are impacted by this.

We actively encourage the traveller to check the flight status within 12 hours of departure. This is due to the fact we are now seeing an increase in flights that are disrupted within a couple of hours of departure so quite often in these instances Click Travel do not get advised of any disruption at all.

What to do if your flight is cancelled or changed BEFORE departure

• If the flight is cancelled before departure and we are notified within a reasonable time frame, we will email both the booker and traveller with information and ask for their preferred next steps (rebook etc)

• If the flight is cancelled before departure and Click is not advised but the traveller is

aware then the booker needs to contact Click and we will apply for any applicable

refund or make itinerary changes as notified.

Process on what to do if your flight is cancelled / changed 'whilst' at the airport

• If a flight is cancelled once a traveller is at the airport, we strongly recommend that

the traveller speaks to the airline to rebook and/or accommodate them according to

the airline's own process. Carriers are obliged to get travellers to their destination on

the next available flight and if delays are long enough to provide food and drink,

access to phone or email/accommodation if the delay is overnight. This is all dependent on the flight distance and the length of delay.

• The traveller can call Click for assistance but the process for claiming compensation

becomes more difficult for those impacted, especially if they book alternatives

themselves and then attempt to claim compensation after the trip has ended.

Process to follow in regards to obtaining any refunds / compensation in the event of

cancellation / changes

• Click will follow the appropriate airline and/or booking channel process for claiming

refund on disrupted or cancelled flights.

• Bookers need to advise us that booking ID XXXXXXXXX was cancelled, the traveller

did not travel then we'll begin the applicable refund process.

• Turnaround times are not possible to provide for the credit to be received because of

the volume of refunds that airlines are trying to process.

• The status of the booking ID may not be changed to cancelled from confirmed

without Click Travel intervention, this depends on the booking channel.

For personal claims of compensation where travellers have been inconvenienced

directly, we strongly recommend that the traveller seeks compensation directly from

the airline due to the following reasons:

• Lengthy timescale for processing the claim.

• Providing sensitive personal data and for security reasons eg. travellers bank details.

• Claims from a Travel company tend to take longer than if the client claims directly


• If Click starts the claim, the airline tends to refuse dealing with us or needs to speak

to the traveller.

• We will offer any web links or telephone numbers for the airline compensation or

claim if requested from the traveller / booker. Links are below:

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