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UK Train Strikes in 2024
UK Train Strikes in 2024

Guidance on affected bookings during the UK train strike

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With rail strikes now happening on a regular basis you may be wondering what you need to do if you have tickets already booked that cannot be used.

If you are unable to undertake or complete a journey due to a cancellation of your booked service(s) by the Train Operating Company, please do NOT cancel the booking through the Click Travel Platform as we need to handle the refund claim outside of Click Travel.

If you are unable to travel for other reasons please cancel via our platform as normal.

Firstly, if you have a physical ticket please send your ticket back to the following address with the refund application form or a covering letter, which includes; The Date, Time and Route that was affected for flexible tickets, as we are not to know which train the traveller tried to travel on if they have anytime or off peak tickets. We recommend sending this back by recorded delivery / special delivery to:

Click Travel Ltd (Rail Refunds Dept), Alpha Tower, Suffolk St Queensway, Birmingham, B1 1TT (as we need the ticket to request a refund)

If you don’t have a physical ticket (either it’s an e-ticket or is uncollected from a ticket machine) please email with the following information -

Booking ID, and if it was an Anytime/Offpeak ticket please also advise which service that was affected eg. date/time. Once we have this information we will pass this on to our Rail Refunds Department.

We can then contact the train operator on your behalf and apply for a refund. Please note that the train operator decision is final with refunds.

If you have printed the ticket, but no longer have it then it is not possible to apply for a refund.

For upto date service information related to the stikes please refer to -

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