Important Information - Requirements from 8 June to Enter the UK

From 8 June, there will be new rules in place for entering the UK if travelling from overseas, with the exception of the Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man or Channel Islands because of coronavirus (COVID-19). The rules are for residents and visitors.

When these rules are in place, travellers will:

  • need to provide their journey and contact details when they travel to the UK
  • not be allowed to leave the place they're staying in for the first 14 days they're in the UK except in very limited situations (known as ‘self-isolating’)

More information is available by clicking here

Flight Information

IATA has issued strict guidelines for flights during the pandemic, dividing flights into low, medium or high risk. Even on low risk flights, it is advising airlines to cancel serving cold dishes, cold meat or fish and edible ice cubes. It says the last three rows of seats on international flights should be reserved as a quarantine area for handling possible in-flight emergencies, and the rear lavatory on the right side should be designated for the exclusive use by those under quarantine.

On board, airlines have taken steps to reduce touch points between crew and passengers, including the removal of pillows and blankets, in-flight sales, and drinks, including the distribution of water bottles. Airlines such as Easyjet, Lufthansa and Delta are planning to keep middle seats between passengers free to aid social distancing measures. 

Many airlines are now introducing extra passenger requirements for wearing face masks. Please check via your airline website before travelling to ensure boarding is not denied. 

As many airlines have reduced their food & beverage options onboard, if planning to take food on with you please keep in mind that many restaurants and shops at the airport may also be closed, so it’s suggested to purchase food before reaching the airport. 

Some airports are also consolidating terminal usage at this time, so travellers are advised to check which terminal they need before starting their journey to the airport:

Heathrow Airport Information -

Gatwick Information -

Manchester Information -

We encourage travellers to check the latest guidance from their airline directly on the airline website. We have provided links to the top airlines used by Click travellers below:

Aer Lingus

Air France/KLM

British Airways






Lufthansa Group


Virgin Atlantic

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