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How to change your approvals settings
How to change your approvals settings

Find out how to change your approval settings

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Travel approval allows you to control your teams spending on Click Travel.

When a booker goes through checkout with a travel item that requires approval, the platform automatically sends an approval request to the appointed approver (directly by email and via an in platform notification). Once approved, the product is automatically checked out and the traveller and booker are automatically notified.

Based on the level of control you'd like, we offer a few different approval options that you can easily configure and amend for your team.

To amend, or change your travel approval set up, go to your team admin page in the top left corner of the platform. Click on “Team Admin” and then on the left side navigation menu, click “ Travel approval”. You can now see three options for approval:

  • Nothing needs approval

  • Non-compliant bookings require approval

  • All bookings need approval. 

Nothing needs approval

Choose this option if you don’t require approval for any bookings made on the platform by any traveller. Selecting this option means if travellers book hotels, or types of travel, that are out of policy, it will still allow them to proceed to check out and make the booking.

Non-compliant bookings require approval 

Selecting “Non-compliant bookings require approval” means any traveller that selects travel that is not within the travel policy you have set up on the Click Travel platform, cannot be booked or paid for until it has been approved by a designated approver. This gives you more control over what can and cannot be booked outside of your travel policy. 

All bookings need approval

This is the strictest approval rule to apply and means all travel booked on the platform needs to be approved before checkout. This is the best option when you need to limit travel within your company or restrict all but essential travel. 

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