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Single sign on with SAML2 for Enterprise teams
Single sign on with SAML2 for Enterprise teams

Single sign on help, tips and advice for users of SAML2 sign ins

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If your team uses a single sign-on (SSO) provider which complies to SAML2 standards, you can use it to sign in to your existing Click Travel account or, if you're new to Click Travel, sign up using it without having to create a Click account first.

To link your existing account to an SSO account:

  1. On the Login page, choose the Sign in with SSO button.

  2. The first time, you will be asked to link your Click Travel account.

  3. That's it, you're signed in!

Signing up for the first time using an SSO account will be offered as an option in your invitation email if your team has chosen to enable the feature.

Enabling SSO across your team

SSO sign-in is enabled at a team level: in order to enable it, a Team Administrator will need to speak to us and go through a few set-up steps. At a team level, you can choose to make SSO sign-in mandatory, or add it as an option alongside existing Click Travel email/password accounts.

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