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Properties that do not accept billback
Properties that do not accept billback

How to check how a hotel bill will be settled

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What is billback?
​If a property does not accept billback for the entire booking, or any of the additional extras, you will need to settle the bill yourself.
There are properties you can book that do not accept payment via account or on a form of payment that is not present when you arrive at the property.

You can Identify if you are booking a property of this kind, during the booking process in the steps below.

  • In the results list some properties will not have the payment tab below the property name.

  • On the final checkout page you would see a message that says "This hotel doesn't have the facility to charge to account".

You can also check if a hotel accepts billback on bookings that have already been made by:

  1. Searching for your booking;

  2. Open the booking you want to check.

  3. If your booking only has specific parts that cannot be settled using billback you will see a message similar to this example below:

The following items may be paid for by account:

  • Room

  • Breakfast *

  • Parking *

You will need to pay for any additional items for yourself.
Items marked * may not be available or it may not be possible to charge them to account.

In this example the room can be settled via account, but breakfast and parking may not be available or it may not be possible to charge them to account.

If you have a booking where the none of the items can be charged to an account, the message will be:
​This booking has been guaranteed only, you will need to pay the final bill at the hotel.

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