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Connect PC to onsite ticket printer & troubleshooting - ClickTix
Connect PC to onsite ticket printer & troubleshooting - ClickTix

How to get setup and start printing

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Installation guide & common troubleshooting

Installation requirements

  • You must have a Newbury Data ND4020 Magnetic Ticket Printer connected to your computer via a USB Serial port adaptor (FTDI US232R-100 *).

  • Before connecting the printer, it is important that you download and install the latest drivers for the USB adapter. To download the required drivers for your operating system, go to Once installed, you will be able to connect the adapter and printer to your computer for automatic detection.

  • After February 2017, all Windows PCs using ClickTix must run Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or later.

  • Make sure you have your ticket printer registration key at hand.

  • To install ClickTix, you must be signed in on the PC as Administrator.

  • Make sure the folder to which ClickTix installs has full READ/WRITE access. (Once installed, ClickTix writes its main database file, including the print history, to this folder. Inability to write to this location will prevent the application from working.)

  • Windows PC C:\Program Files\ClickTix

  • Apple Mac The person carrying out the installation chooses the folder

  • Before starting the installation, you may need to update your organisation's firewall/proxy to allow ClickTix to talk to OpenRail. Please contact your IT Support team and ask them to update your firewall/proxy settings by permitting the following address (port 443)

Installation & Setup

One your printer is connected, you'll need to download ClickTix.


Run the setup wizard and install the software.


Open to extract the application, then drag to your Applications folder.

Installation & Setup

When you start ClickTix for the first time, ClickTix asks you to register your printer with OpenRail.

In the boxes provided, type in your ticket printer’s printer registration key

Next, select the correct select the serial port to which your printer is connected.

Click Register 

ClickTix registers your printer with OpenRail and configures your ticket printer. That's it, you're done!


If you have any problems printing out a ticket on your onsite ticket printer, we suggest you do the following.

Shut down PC and ticket printer

First of all, try shutting down your PC and the ticket printer for a short period

1  Power OFF

  • the PC connected to the ticket printer, AND

  • the ticket printer

2  Wait at least 30 seconds before powering both back ON

Check folder ClickTix has READ/WRITE access

The above actions can resolve common problems. However, if you still have a problem.

1  Check the access on the folder in which ClickTix is installed

2  Make sure that the person logged onto the PC who wants to use ClickTix has full READ/WRITE access to this folder

Check status message on ClickTix main screen

If the above actions fail to solve the problem

1  Check the Status indicator on the ClickTix main screen (bottom right) 

If an error is showing, the status message displays in red. The message should be self-explanatory.

2  Take appropriate action.


The following error message indicates that you are attempting to re-print a ticket that is printed already


If you see this message, use ClickTix to check the ticket printer's print history
1  Open the ClickTix Help menu

2  Click Print History

3  Read through the Print History to see if tickets for this reference number have printed already

4  If you cannot find the tickets in Print History, please contact us via Intercom.

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