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I haven't received my tickets
I haven't received my tickets

I asked for my tickets to be posted to me but I haven’t received them

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If you have not received your tickets, please follow the the steps below:

Check which delivery option has been selected on your confirmation email or by viewing the booking on Click Travel. Not all tickets are posted. 

On a confirmation email:

On the booking view:

Delivery option: Collect at station

If the delivery option displayed in your confirmation email or booking view is “Collect at station” then you’ll need to collect your ticket from a ticket machine at a national rail station. We can’t print tickets if the delivery option is “Collect at station” so we won’t be able to post these tickets to you.

Delivery option: First class

If the delivery option is first class then your tickets should arrive within 3 working days if booked before 14:00. Unfortunately tickets can only be printed once so if they don’t arrive we can’t resend them. Royal Mail don’t guarantee delivery of first class post so we can’t track these deliveries for you or offer any compensation if they don’t arrive. If your tickets eventually turn up you can follow our refunds process but we need the printed tickets to be returned within 28 days of the original departure date to process a refund.

Delivery option: Special delivery

If the delivery option is special delivery then your tickets should arrive by 1pm the next day if booked before 14:00. If you need more information on when they will arrive, we can track these deliveries for you.

If after this time frame you haven’t received your tickets then you can make a claim with Royal Mail. If you need to provide proof of postage we can provide that for you.

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