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Controlling access with Roles
Controlling access with Roles

Roles determine what permissions and restrictions your team members have when using Click Travel.

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Roles are created and managed in Team Admin > Roles. By default there is only one role set up, System admin, which has all the available permissions. The team owner automatically has this role. Roles are optional for other team members, but allow you to give extra permissions or restrict certain activities.

To manage roles you will need access to Team Admin and a role with the Manage permissions permission.

How do roles work?

Team members can be given multiple roles and will receive the combined permissions and restrictions. For example you might create:

  • A Reporting Admin role with the Manage templates permission.

  • A Booker role with the Manage all bookings permission.

  • A No Trains role with the Can't search or book trains restriction.

Sam has all three roles, therefore Sam:

  • Can manage report templates;

  • Can see, amend or cancel any other member’s bookings;

  • Cannot search or book trains. 

Even though Sam has two roles without the trains restriction, they will get the combined set so Sam cannot search or book trains.

Create a new role

  1. Select the Add a new role button;

  2. Give your role a name and a useful description;

  3. Tick the permissions and restrictions you want to apply to this role;

  4. Select the Add button to create your new role.

Grant a role to a team member

There are two places you can grant roles:

  1. Find the specific member in Team Admin > Members and on the Roles tab select the Grant button for the roles you want them to have.

  2. Use the Member import to update your team members’ roles in bulk. Find out how to import your team members.

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