Share a custom report template

Allow a team member to run or schedule a custom report template for themself by sharing it with them.

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Team members with access to Reporting but without the Manage Templates permission can only use report templates which have been shared with them. This means they will only see the data you want them to without needing to run the report for them yourself.

For example:

  1. You create a custom report template filtered to only include travel for a particular cost code;

  2. You share this report template with Sam;

  3. Sam can run or schedule this report template and add extra filters to limit the data further. They cannot change the cost code filter on the template therefore they can only get data related to that cost code.

To share a report template

You will need to have a role with the Manage templates permission to be able to share templates. If you can see report templates with the Default label in Reporting > Report templates then you have this permission.

  1. Find the template you want to share and select the arrow next to the Run now button;

  2. Select Share template;

  3. Select Add a team member;

  4. Begin typing the name or email address of the team member you want to share this template with and select them from the list that appears;

  5. The next time they visit Report templates, this template will be available to them.

The team member will need to be granted access to Reporting, if they haven’t already, in order to see their report templates. This can be done before or after sharing templates with them.

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