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Allow team members to create their own reports
Allow team members to create their own reports

Find out how to give your team members full or limited access to Reporting so they can run or schedule report templates for themselves.

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To run report templates for themselves, team members need access to the Reporting product; and either:

  1. A Role that includes the Manage Templates permission; or

  2. Particular report templates shared with them specifically.

To complete these steps you will need access to Team Admin and a role with the Manage permissions permission. 

Grant access to the Reporting product

There are two places you can grant access to products:

  1. Find the specific member in Team Admin > Members and on the Products tab select the Grant button for Reporting; or

  2. Go to Team Admin > Products and select the Manage access button for the Reporting product. You can Grant or Revoke access to Reporting for any member of your team.

With access to the Reporting product but no permissions or shared templates, your team member will see the message, “You don't have any report templates.”

Allow a team member to see all report templates

To allow the team member to see all report templates, including the default report templates which have travel booking data for your whole team, give them a Role with the Manage templates permission. This will also allow them to create and share custom report templates.

Roles are created and managed in Team Admin > Roles. Get more information about controlling access with roles.

Share only specific report templates

To let the team member run only the specific report templates you have chosen for them, share each template with them. They will only see these shared templates and will not be able to edit the template itself. 

In Reporting > Report Templates select the arrow next to the Run now button and choose Share template. You can also get more detailed information about sharing a custom report template.

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