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"Our domain name has changed, how can we update our email addresses?"
"Our domain name has changed, how can we update our email addresses?"

You can update the email addresses of team members who haven't logged in using the Member import and Team member references.

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Team members who have logged into Click Travel will need to update their own email address in Your Account because this is their personal data.

For Team profiles (members who have never logged in), you can use the Member import and Team member references to mass update their email addresses.

The Member export includes a profileType column to tell you which is which. You can update the emails of Team profiles but not Personal profiles.

What is a Team member reference?

The Team member reference is a way of uniquely identifying your team members instead of relying on their email address.

We suggest using an existing reference from your organisation such as employee number. The reference has to be unique within your team. Whilst you can use firstname-surname, repeat names will need a differentiator.

How to bulk update emails using Member import

The steps below assume you are familiar with Member export and import. If you haven't used it before, we recommend you read about how to import team members into Click Travel first.

  1. Go to Team Admin > Member exports and select Export members;

  2. Open your export file in a spreadsheet tool like Excel;

  3. Give every row a value for the teamMemberReference column, don't change their emails yet;

  4. Save the file;

  5. Import that file to update all of your team members with a Team member reference;

  6. Export members again;

  7. Check the new export file includes the Team member references you added;

  8. Change the emails and save the file;

  9. Import the file. The emails will be updated for all members who have the profile type of Team. Personal profiles will tell you they can't be updated, it doesn't do any harm to include them as the Member import will ignore the changes.

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