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Amend or change your flight booking
Amend or change your flight booking

How to amend the time or date of travel, change passenger information and add any baggage, seating, meal or priority boarding requirements.

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To amend, change or obtain a quote to change your flight booking follow the below steps:

1. Locate the booking and select the manage booking button

2. Select the manage flights and passengers button

3. Select whether you want to amend the outbound or return flight (or both) 

4. Amend the flight information you wish to, you can amend the below

  • seats: to add a seat request choose the leg(s) of the flight you want a seat for and under Seat(s) required you can free type your request e.g. 'Seat 2C” or “Upfront extra legroom”

  • checked bags and/or cabin bags: to add baggage, choose the leg(s) of the flight you want to add your baggage to, scroll down and amend the number of checked-in bags you want and the weight you require. Please specify if sports equipment is needed.

  • select an earlier or later date or time

  • upgrade

  • change departure / destination airport

  • Name Change: Please Note if you are requesting to change the name for your flight booking, this will be dependant on the airline rules. Please request the name change via manage booking and our support team will let you know if the name change is possible for your booking.

You can also request priority boarding, cabin bags or flight meals. This can be done by typing your request under the 'Any other information' section.  

5. If you'd like us to go ahead without confirming the cost first under 'Would you like us to proceed with the change without confirming the cost with you?' select yes and put in the maximum amount you're happy with and we'll go ahead and amend providing cost does not exceed that value. If you'd like us to quote you first select 'no' and an agent will reach out to you with a quote before making any changes.

6. Then click ‘update

7. A message will appear to let you know we have notified the airline of your request. Our travel team will action this for you and either contact you to confirm costs (depending on what you selected) or you will be notified once this request has confirmed. 

If you need any more help please contact our travel team 😄

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