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Amend or change your hotel booking
Amend or change your hotel booking

How to amend the dates of your hotel stay, change the traveller name, number of guests, room type or add any additions.

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To amend, change or extend your hotel booking follow the below steps
1. Locate the booking on the platform and check the cancellation policy

2. Select the manage booking button

3. Select which element of the booking you would like to amend. You can amend more than one element, one after another if required including extending or reducing the number of nights.

4. Refresh the page in your browser
If the booking details have updated; the amendment has been carried out automatically through our direct connection to the booking channel and the confirmation should be emailed to you shortly. Job Done!

If there's a message saying 'Notified the hotel of your new request for booking xxxx' then our travel team will be actioning this for you and you will be notified once this has confirmed.

If you need any more help please contact our travel team πŸ˜„

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