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Selecting flight fare packages
Selecting flight fare packages
Find out about selecting fare packages on the Which package? page when booking flights
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What do you need to know about packages? 

Once you’ve selected your flights, you’ll arrive at the Which package? page. This is where you choose the package for each flight that best meets your needs.

  • Fares are referred to as Packages, because each fare is made up of a package of features and benefits.

  • Most airlines offer a choice of packages and sometimes there may be packages offered by more than one booking channel.

  • The packages with the lowest fare will be selected by default and this will match the fare shown on the initial search results page.

Often the package with the lowest fare will be hand baggage only, which doesn’t include a checked in bag. It’s important to read the list of features and benefits of each package, so you can choose one that includes everything you need.

Take this British Airways Basic fare as an example; in the list of features and benefits, it states hand baggage only. It also tells you seats are allocated, but there’s extra to pay if you want to choose a seat.

If you have luggage to check into the hold, it would be better to select the British Airways Plus fare, which includes a checked bag up to 23kg and free seat selection from 48 hours before departure for an extra £10.

Selecting a package on every flight

If you’re booking a return or multi-city flight, you’ll need to select a package for each flight on your trip. Switching to a different package for your first flight, doesn't automatically switch the package for any subsequent flights, so you must scroll down the page to select the package for each flight on your journey.

It may not be possible to change your package or add on extras, such as checked bags, once your booking is confirmed, so make sure you choose a package for each flight that meets your needs.

We don’t have a fare for that combination of packages

If after selecting packages on each flight, you see the message “We don’t have a fare for that combination of packages”, this will be because of one of the following reasons:

  • You have chosen a combination of packages from different booking channels. All your chosen packages must be from the same booking channel.  Simply click on the ℹ symbol within the package box to check. 

  • You have chosen a combination of different package types for each flight. For this particular airline, only certain packages may be combinable or the package type must be the same across all flights.

  • You have chosen a combination of a special fare package with a published fare package. Special fare packages can’t be mixed with other fares.  Look out for the ‘SPECIAL FARE’ label for these packages.

Considering the reasons above, reselect the packages you’ve chosen to be shown the best fare for combinable packages.

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