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Problems confirming your booking
Problems confirming your booking
Find out why a booking can fail, what to do if your booking fails and how to reduce the chances of experiencing a booking failure.
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Booking failures

After check out, Click Travel attempts to book the products in your basket with the relevant travel supplier.

Sometimes the availability or price of a product may have changed since you added it to your basket. When this happens, the booking will fail.

When a booking fails, Click Travel provides an in-app notification and sends you an email too. The notification will provide reassurance that you have not been charged and will ask you to try again.

You can reduce the chances of experiencing a booking failure by checking out as soon as possible after adding products to your basket..

Bookings requiring approval

If your basket requires approval, Click Travel won't attempt to book the products until approval is granted. This means that the availability and price of a product may change whilst you're waiting for approval. If your approver can deal with your approval request quickly, this will reduce the chance of experiencing a booking failure.

Still experiencing problems?

If you experience repeated booking failures when retrying your booking, contact Customer Support, so the issue can be investigated.

We understand how frustrating booking failures can be, so we're planning future improvements to reduce booking failures and better handle them when they do occur.

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