Look up additional information based on the data captured for each traveller.

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A Lookup will add data to a booking based on the answer to a Booking Custom Field. This is then included in reports.

For example, if you have a Booking Custom Field called Cost Centre, you could have a lookup that applies the correct Department name without the booker needing to enter it. When checking out, the lookup will be stamped on the booking with the rest of the custom data and can be included in reports.

Lookups are created and managed in Team Admin > Lookups. This feature is only available with a pricing plan.

To create a lookup you will:

  1. Add a lookup in Click Travel

  2. Create a lookup list

  3. Import the lookup list into Click Travel

Add a new lookup

  1. Choose the type of custom field that you want to add a Lookup for.

  2. Choose the 'Add a new lookup' button.

  3. Give your Lookup a name (Label) and a unique ID.

  4. Select which Booking custom field your Lookup will be based on.

  5. Select 'Add'.

  6. Import your lookup list. See the instructions below for how to create your lookup list.

Create a lookup list

Use a text editor or Excel to create your lookup list. Save the file in .csv format.

A lookup list will have two columns:

  1. The custom field value's Label (we tell you what to use for the Label below)

  2. The value you want automatically applied by the lookup

e.g. If you want the Department lookup to say Marketing when the Cost Code is 1234, then Column A would have 1234 and Column B would have Marketing.


What is the Label?

  • If your lookup is based on a Text custom field the Label is whatever would be entered in the free text box at checkout.

  • If your lookup is based on a Select custom field, you need to use the Label from the field's list, not the Code.

A Select custom field has both a Label and a Code for each item on the list. In the Select custom field's list, the Label is first and the Code is second. 

Lookups are applied based on the Label. When creating a Lookup list, the Select field's Label goes in column A, and value to be applied by the Lookup goes in column B.

For example, if your Booking custom field list for the Cost Code looks like this:

1234 - Advertising,1234
7689 - Client expense,7689
1049 - This is a Label,1049
3948 - Labels are used for lookups,3948

To have Marketing stamped on every booking that has the Cost Code of 1234, your Lookup list would look like this:

1234 - Advertising,Marketing

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