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Holding a flight
Holding a flight

Find out how to place a flight on hold if you're not ready to confirm it yet.

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Holding a flight

Some flights can be placed on hold. This is useful if you're not ready to confirm the booking immediately, but don't want to lose out.

To hold a flight you can follow these steps:

  1. Add the flight to your basket.

  2. Select Proceed to checkout.

  3. Select the traveller and the form of payment. It's important to note that you can't change these later.

  4. Select the Hold flight button. If a Hold flight button is not displayed, this means the airline does not allow the selected flights to be placed on hold.

Hold expiry and confirming the flight

The flight will normally be held until the end of the day. A countdown timer will be displayed, indicating how much time you have remaining to confirm the flight. 

If you do not confirm the flight before the remaining time has elapsed, it will be cancelled automatically.

To confirm a flight that's on hold, just go back to your basket and checkout the flight in the normal way.


Airlines reserve the right to cancel a booking that's on hold at any time, so although this is rare, there's always a possibility this can happen.

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