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Import team members without email addresses
Import team members without email addresses

Give travellers without emails a Team Member Reference to use with the Member import.

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The Member import identifies team members by email address or Team Member Reference. Give team members without email addresses a Reference so you can manage them in bulk.

What should I use as a Team Member Reference?

We recommend an existing reference from your organisation such as employee number. The reference has to be unique within your team. Whilst you can use firstname-surname, repeat names will need a differentiator.

Add a Team Member Reference

Once you’ve given existing team members without emails a Reference, they can also be managed with the Member import.

  1. Go to Team Admin > Members and find the team member you want to manage.

  2. Choose the Custom data tab (you may have to select More first to see this option).

  3. Enter a Team Member Reference for them;

  4. Select Update.

Manage Team Member References in bulk

Team members can be created, updated or removed in bulk with the Member import. Team Member References let you manage team members with or without email addresses.

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