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Import team members into Click Travel
Import team members into Click Travel

Update your team members through a bulk import.

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You can use an import file to add new team members or update existing team members.

To import a list of team members:

  1. Create an import file. (We show you how below.)

  2. Import the file into Click Travel

1. Create an import file

You can download a template which includes any custom fields you've already setup. Alternatively you can run an export in Team Admin > Member exports. This export will include a profileType column which you can leave in your import but it is for information only.

Use a text editor or Excel to edit the file. Save the file in .csv format (:

Column headings

The following column headings may be included in the import file:

  • emailAddress 

  • title

  • firstName

  • lastName

  • phoneNumber

  • mobileNumber

  • teamMemberReference

  • roles

  • cus-[custom field’s ID]

Add one column at the end for each item of Team member custom data you want to include (an export file will usually have this for you already). Format a custom data column heading as:

cus-[custom field’s ID]

e.g. cus-line-manager


Add one row for each team member. Each row must have firstName, lastName and either emailAddress or teamMemberReference (or both) provided.

If a Team member custom field is Required, the import file must have a value for the corresponding cus-[custom-field-ID] column.

Any optional columns (like title or roles) can be removed from your import file if you don't want to update them.

If you include an optional column but leave its values blank, this will overwrite anything currently saved in Click Travel. This is why we recommend working from an export file which fills in all the current values for you.

2. Import the file into Click Travel

Go to Team Admin > Member imports in Click Travel and select Add a new import

During an import, we use emailAddress and teamMemberReference to try and match each row in the import file to an existing member in Click Travel. What we do next depends on the import settings you choose:

When we find a match, should we update the existing member?

Do you want to use the data in the import file to update existing member details in Click Travel? Select Yes. If you select No the import will do nothing with existing team members (useful if you're only interested in adding new ones).

Members who have logged in retain control over
their personal data. The import cannot update
their email, title, name or phone numbers.

When we don't find a match, should we create a new member?

If you answer Yes, we create new members.  If you answer No, we ignore any row in the import file that doesn't match an existing member.

Should we remove existing members who cannot be matched to a record in the import file?

If you answer Yes, we will remove any team members who aren't included in your import file. If you remove a member by mistake you can re-invite them, their Bookings are not lost but they will need things like permissions setting up again.

Do you want to preview changes before we make them?

We highly recommend you preview your import. This will let you download a results file giving the status of each row in your import. It will let you know if any rows cannot be updated or if they are missing required information.

Previews have a Run option so you don't need to upload the file again if no changes are needed.

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