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What to do if the hotel has an issue with hotel billback
Your hotel declines the virtual credit card that we provide for billback payment
Your hotel declines the virtual credit card that we provide for billback payment

Hotel billback problems

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If the virtual credit card (v-card) is declined when the hotel tries to charge it, the hotel may contact us to sort it out.

Otherwise, if the hotel asks you for payment instead:

  • Please DO NOT hand over your own credit card!

  • Instead, please call us IMMEDIATELY on the phone number we provide on your confirmation email:

0844 745 2121

You or the hotel can call us 24 hours a day,
7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We can then

  1. Check the transactions applied to the v-card and see if the hotel has made a mistake.

  2. Speak to the hotel direct and rectify the issue by pointing out what they did wrong.

  3. If the situation cannot be rectified, provide the hotel with another v-card number.

Why does the hotel decline the v-card?

There are several typical reasons why a hotel declines the v-card we provide for a billback payment:

Hotel tries to charge more than the total authorised amount

On your billback instruction, check the costs that the person who made the booking authorised to be charged to your organisation via billback. For example:

The hotel is not allowed to charge a value that exceeds these costs to the v-card. Also, these costs cannot be changed. Please settle any excess directly with the hotel at checkout.

Hotel tries to charge two bookings to one v-card

This is a common mistake made by hotel staff.

For billback purposes, Click Travel issues each individual traveller with their own v-card. However, if you are travelling with one or more colleagues, hotels often tie the bookings together rather than charging the bookings separately. 

If you all check out together, sometimes the hotel staff don't recognise that each billback instruction has a different v-card number. Then they attempt to charge the entire bill for all travellers to one v-card and thereby exceed the v-card's credit limit.

Hotel has already charged the v-card several times

As a fraud prevention mechanism, some v-cards are created with a transaction limit. This means the card can only be charged a certain number of times. 

But some hotels make charges to the credit card upon booking (for prepaid rates), upon arrival (in accordance with their policies) and during your stay (eg where evening meals are taken at a neighbouring restaurant). The transaction limit typically accounts for this. However, if the hotel does exceed the transaction limit, a decline is the result.

Hotel pre-authorised the card

When charging the card, the hotel fails to use the pre-authorisation. The charge then appears to be a duplicate and the payment is therefore declined.

Hotel has not charged our v-card

We have had cases of this, where the hotel simply does not charge our v-card!

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