When billback is used to pay for a hotel booking, we create a virtual credit card (v-card) that is limited by value and merchant category.

We send the full card number to the hotel, either by fax or email, to ensure that the hotel has the payment details. Otherwise, your business traveller may not be able to charge the bill to the v-card upon departure. 

We also attach a copy of the billback instruction on each hotel booking confirmation for the traveller to take with them. This is just a precaution to prevent the business traveller having difficulty when checking in/out of a hotel. If the hotel misplaces the document or asks them to pay, the traveller can show the hotel their copy of the billback instruction. This helps to explain to the hotel that the account is being settled by the company and the card details stated. 

The v-card has a limited period of validity and is therefore defunct soon after the traveller checks out of the hotel.

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