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Hotel billback
International billback restrictions
International billback restrictions

For hotel bookings in certain countries, we cannot process billback.

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Increasingly, we find that overseas hotels in some countries require at least 15 days notice to process third-party credit card payments such as billback.


We do everything we can to try and ensure billback works.
However, billback is not risk-proof. For their own protection,
we strongly recommend that you issue a corporate card to
people travelling outside Europe and America.

Billback processed as normal

For any hotel booking in the countries listed below, billback continues to be processed as normal:

Austria [AT]
Belgium [BE]
Bosnia & Herzegovina [BA]
Bulgaria [BG]
Canada [CA]
Croatia [HR]
Cyprus [CY]
Czech Republic [CZ]
Denmark [DK]
Finland [FI]
France [FR]
FYR Macedonia [MK]
Germany [DE]
Greece [GR]
Hong Kong [HK]
Hungary [HU]
Iceland [IS]
Ireland [IE]
Italy [IT]
Luxembourg [LU]
Malta [MT]
Netherlands [NL]
Norway [NO]
Poland [PL]
Portugal [PT]
Romania [RO]
Serbia [RS]
Singapore [SG]
Slovak Republic [SK]
Slovenia [SI]
South Africa [ZA]
Spain [ES]
Sweden [SE]
Switzerland [CH]
United Kingdom [GB]

Use pay on departure instead

We do not operate billback for hotel bookings in the following countries. Please use pay on departure instead.

Central African Republic [CF]
Cuba [CU]
Iran [IR]
Libya [LY]
North Korea [KP]
South Sudan [SS]
Syria [SY]
Yemen [YE]
Zimbabwe [ZW]

Restricted access to billback

For any countries NOT listed in the tables above:

  • If the booking is made within 14 days of travel, the only option available is Pay on Departure. Due to the unpredictability of the hotels, billback to these countries can be very difficult to manage. This is why we require more than 14 days advance lead time.

  • If you have a specific requirement for regular billbacks to be arranged within 14 days in a country not listed above, please contact us. Whilst we cannot guarantee that we are able to facilitate a billback process, we can work with you to look at potential solutions.

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