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Set display criteria for booking custom fields
Set display criteria for booking custom fields

Choose when booking custom fields are shown at checkout and ask only for the information you really need.

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A booking custom field collects custom data at checkout for each travel booking. You can set up display criteria so that the data is collected only if the booking meets certain conditions.

For example:

  • If Travel type = vehicle, ask Why have you hired a car? 

  • If Travel type = flight, ask Why Is this trip necessary?

  • If Lead time ≤ 5 days, ask What is your reason for booking last-minute?

  • If Travel type = flight AND Lead time < 30 days, ask Why have you left it so late to book a flight?

You can also set up a condition based on data entered into another booking custom field.

For example:

  1. Set up one booking custom field that asks the user: Is this booking chargeable to a customer?.

  2. Set up another booking custom field that asks Which customer? only if the user answers YES at checkout to the first custom field.

Set up display criteria for a custom field

Open Booking custom fields in Click Travel.

If you haven't already, create the custom field. If you want to make sure the custom data is provided if shown at checkout, tick the Required box.

On your chosen field, select Edit display criteria. For some custom fields you might need to use the arrow to see this option in the list of available actions.

You can now Add a rule to determine when this custom field is shown.

Choose which criteria your rule relates to. If you want this field to show on all out-of-policy bookings, for example, you’d choose Policy Status from the first box.

Setting the rule to ‘Policy status Not equals Compliant’ means the custom data won't be shown for in-policy bookings. But if the product is non compliant or unknown, then the field will be displayed on checkout.

You can use the And and Or buttons to add more layers to your rules. To give an example:

Policy status Not equals Compliant
AND Travel type Equals Hotel
Lead time Less than or equals 1

In this rule, this custom field shows at checkout if at least one of the following conditions is met:

  • EITHER There is an out-of-policy Hotel in the basket.

  • OR The product has a service date that's today or tomorrow.

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