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Add filters

Apply additional filters to a report or report template. This lets you restrict the data that is output (e.g. to one travel type)

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What are filters?

For each report you run or schedule, you can apply additional filters to limit the data that is output.

Each report is based on one of the following report templates. Most of the data fields in the report template are available as filters:

  • Travel Analysis Provides data on travel taken or booked during a nominated time period. You can look up the Travel Analysis data fields.

  • Travel Billing Provides data on travel relating to a specific invoice or credit note. You can look up the Travel Billing data fields.

Examples of filters

Some examples of filters you can apply to Travel Analysis reports are:

  • Travel type (e.g. restrict the data output to flights only)

  • Policy compliance state (e.g. restrict the data output to non-compliant travel only)

  • Duration (e.g. restrict the data output to hotel stays that extend beyond 2 nights)

You can also combine 2 or more filters (e.g. set Travel type to Hotel and set Rate to greater than 85.00).

How do I apply filters?

You can apply one or more filters each time you run or schedule a report.

You can also add filters to any custom report templates that you create. That way, you don't have to add the filters each time you run or schedule a report from the template.

To apply a filter, you select a data field, an operator and a value:

  • data field You can apply a filter to most of the data fields belonging to the template you are using. You can look up the Travel Analysis and Travel Billing data fields. You can also apply a filter on any of the custom data that your team collects for bookings.

  • operator Choose what function you want Click Travel to perform (e.g. equals, not greater than, less than).

  • value Some data fields provide a list to choose from. Other data fields require you to type in the value. 

Custom data fields that use 'Select'
Although you have set up a list, the items
in this list do not show in value. Type the
label into value. This allows you to type
in a value that is on your old bookings
but has since been removed from
your custom fields setup. 

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