Problems signing in

Are you having problems signing in to Click Travel? Find out what to do next.

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Are you using the correct sign-in page?

To start with, please click the link below:

and have a go at signing in.

Are you using the right sign-in method?

There are three methods of signing in to Click Travel. This article focuses primarily on trying to sign in using email address and password. If you're trying to sign in using Google or SSO sign ins, and have you have previously been able to sign in using those accounts, the issue may be with your SSO account. Check with your IT department to see if there are any issues.

Are you typing in the correct email address and password?

Check the spelling of your email address and password. To display your password as you type, click the eye icon:

Is there a problem with Click Travel?

Check the Click Travel status board to make sure there is nothing wrong with Click Travel.

Is access to Click Travel blocked at your end? (new users)

If your organisation is new to Click Travel, please contact your IT team. Ask your IT team to review the Domain whitelisting and email authentication article, along with the Supported web browsers and operating systems article to ensure all requirements are being met at your end.

In particular, please ask your IT team to whitelist:


Have you been invited to use Click Travel? (new users)

If someone else books travel for you on Click Travel, you have a Click Travel profile already. However, you cannot sign in yourself until you sign up to become a Click Travel user. 

If you have not signed up yet, please contact your travel team. Provide them with your email address and ask them to send you an invitation to sign up. 

The invitation comes in an email that is sent from a No Reply email address. Click the link in the invitation email. Type in your email address and create a password. Then try signing in.

Invitation to sign up
The invite email is sent from a No Reply email address. If you don't
receive the invite, please check your spam/filters.

The invitation does not expire, so don't worry if you can't
respond immediately.

Is it the browser you are using?

You may find that you cannot sign in, even though other people in your team can sign in. You may need to adjust your browser settings:

  1. Check the Supported web browsers and operating systems article to make sure we support the browser you are using to try and sign in.

  2. Make sure your browser has cookies enabled.

  3. Follow this link and make sure the page says Local storage is enabled . If it does not please contact your IT department and ask them to enable local storage for you.

  4. Install the newest version of your web browser, if you do not have this already.

  5. Every now and again, you need to clear your browser's cache and cookies. Do this. Then try signing in again.

  6.  If none of these work, try signing in with a different browser. 

Are you still not able to sign in?

If you are still unable to sign in, please contact us via our online messaging service:

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