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The checkout custom data hasn't been filled in
The checkout custom data hasn't been filled in

When checking out, after you selected the Traveller, your team member custom data is used to complete the additional information.

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If you have selected the Traveller on checkout but the Additional Information section has not been filled out this could be for one of the following reasons:

Please see below some potential reasons why you cannot checkout your booking:

  1. The Traveller doesn't have any team member custom data saved on their profile. A Team Admin would need to add this for them in Members > Find the member > Custom Data.

  2. The team member custom fields have not been properly linked to the booking custom fields. A Team Admin can check the settings in Team Admin > Custom Fields.

  3. The custom fields service was unavailable at the time it tried to get the custom data so it wasn't able to populate the questions for you. You may fill them in yourself, or try again later. 

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