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Custom report templates overview
Custom report templates overview

Introduces you to creating and customising your own report templates so you can change the way the data in reports is output.

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What is a custom report template? 

A custom report template is a report template that you create yourself so you can change the way data in reports is output.

Custom report templates can be shared with other team members so they can run or schedule reports but they cannot edit the template itself.

To create, manage or share custom report templates you will need access to Reporting and the Manage templates permission.

You can start off by copying one of our ready-made report templates (e.g. Travel Analysis, Travel Billing). Alternatively, if someone else in your team has created a customised report template already, you can make a copy of that.

Why create a custom report template?

When you create a custom report template, you can: 

Store pre-set filters 

This saves you time because you don't have to apply the filters each time you run or schedule a report. You can apply filters to the data fields supplied with a report template or to the custom data you collect on bookings. For example, you can create a separate report template for each travel type. Or, if traveller's department is part of the custom data your team collects on bookings, you can create a custom report template for a specific department. Find out more about filters.

To get started, find out how to create a custom report template.

Use Excel as a report template builder 

You can download your custom report templates to Excel. Then use Excel as a report designer to build up a report template of how you want your reports to look. For example, you can add your own pivot tables or change the column ordering. And you can add new columns and tabs that suit your way of working. When finished, you upload the report template to Click Travel.

To get started, we suggest you read the help article on RawData and pivot table sheets. This should help you to become familiar with the way we set up our templates. 

Then find out how to create a custom report template. You can also find out how to how to edit a custom report template in Excel.

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