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Why does my basket require approval?
Why does my basket require approval?

Understanding non-compliant travel, approvals and rejections.

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If your team has Travel Approval turned on, any non-compliant products in your basket will require approval before the booking is confirmed.

What is a non-compliant product?

A Travel Policy can help to control how much Team Members spend on travel. You can set up separate policies for compliant travel for each travel type. This can be based on one or any number of attributes such as; Price, Lead Time, Class, Ticket Type etc

Example; If your Travel Policy does not allow first class trains, when a first class train is added to a basket, it is marked as non-compliant. 

Search results give Team Members a clear visual indication of which travel products are compliant. Compliant products show as amber button. Non-compliant products show as a red button.

Both of these options are shown as non-compliant as we are searching for first class trains only.

Who needs to approve my travel?

Just before you confirm a booking, you'll see a message letting you know who'll be approving your travel.

Once confirmed, Click Travel will automatically contact the approver, letting them know there is a booking to approve. 

If you're a Team Admin, you can configure the list of approvers by checking the Approvers tab in Travel approval.

If you do not have an approver set up and are being asked to set one, you will need to contact your company team admin to do this for you.

How do I approve another members travel? 

If you're setup as an Approver for another Team Members travel, you'll get an email each time there's something to approve.

The email contains all the main details about the products in the basket you're being asked to approve. If you select the Approve or Reject button, the booking will be approved or rejected, as appropriate. You can also select the View basket link and login to Click Travel and view the basket before approving or rejecting the travel.

Selecting Approve will confirm the booking. Click Travel will then automatically email the Traveller with the details. 

Selecting Reject will automatically notify the booker that the basket has been rejected. Click Travel will retain the basket so it can be modified and re-submitted if necessary. 

If you would like to cancel an approval request you will need to contact your approver or company team admin and request them to reject the request.

My basket contains compliant and non-compliant products, why does it still require approval?

In Click Travel, baskets may contain a mix of compliant and non-compliant products. As some of the products may be part of the same trip, the items in the basket will not be confirmed until the non-compliant product has been approved.

When your booking is confirmed, each of the Travellers will receive an confirmation email. 

Example; Your travel policy is setup to allow a hotel room rate of £200 but does not allow first class trains.
A basket containing a £100 hotel room and a first class train will require approval.
Neither the hotel room or train will be booked until the basket is approved.

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