Team Admins are responsible for managing the profiles of team members who have not yet signed up to Click Travel. This is why you can see and edit all their information. 

When a team member signs up to Click Travel, they start managing their own profile. This is when you lose access to most of their information.

Editing a team member who has not signed up

When you add a new team member, we create a team profile as a placeholder for storing their first name, last name and, optionally, email address. Team profiles are members of the team and can be viewed alongside other team members. 

A Team Admin can manage all aspects of a team profile as shown:

Editing a team member who has signed up

If you invite a team profile to sign up to Click Travel, we send an invitation to their email. When they sign up to Click Travel, we replace the team profile with a personal profile. From then on, the team member is responsible for maintaining their own profile and Team Admins can't edit their personal data.

For team members who have signed up, a Team Admin can only manage their access and custom data:

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