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How to schedule a report
How to schedule a report

Find out how to schedule a report to run at regular intervals

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You can schedule a report to run automatically at regular intervals. You can use filters to narrow down the amount of data produced. 

Each schedule is output from a report template.  (The Reporting overview tells you more about report templates.) You can use the same report template to create more than one schedule.

Reports are output in Excel spreadsheet (.xls) format. The reports you run belong to you and only you can download them. The rest of your team cannot see your reports in Click Travel.


The length of time it takes to generate a report
at the scheduled time depends on the amount
of data you are generating.


Use the Travel Analysis report template to
create separate schedules for
each travel type: 

How to schedule a report

To schedule a report to run at regular intervals: 

1 Open Report templates in Click Travel and find out what report templates you can use.

2 Decide which report template to base the report on. You can use a custom report template designed by somebody in your team. Or you can use one of our ready-made report templates:

  • Travel Analysis Reports on travel taken or booked during a particular time period.

  • Travel Billing Reports on travel relating to a specific invoice or credit note.

3 Choose the Schedule option:

4 Set up the schedule:

  • Edit the Report name so you can easily identify the reports that this schedule produces.

  • Decide whether to report on service date or booking date and choose a period to report on, e.g. last month (Travel Analysis only).

  • Type in a valid invoice number or credit number (Travel Billing only).

  • Select a Report frequency, i.e. how often you want to schedule the report to run.

  • Apply filters to narrow down the amount of data included in the report (e.g. hotels only).


Choose the Travel Analysis report template.
Schedule the report to run on the 1st day of
each month and to generate data on travel
booked during the previous month.

5 When finished, click Schedule.

Click Travel runs the reports at the scheduled times. 

How to download a report that has run to schedule

To download a report after it has run at the scheduled time, open Reports in Click Travel. You can download any report that shows a status of Completed.


If a report's status changes to something other
than Completed, please refer to the
article on report status.


If you experience problems downloading a report,
try adjusting your browser’s pop-up settings.

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