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Reporting overview
Reporting overview

Use Reporting to analyse, and make savings on, your team's travel

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What does Reporting do?

Use Reporting to produce management information reports that are available for download 24/7, 365 days a year. Reports are output in Excel spreadsheet format (.xlsx) (Excel 2007 onwards).

You can either run a report immediately. Or you can schedule a report to run at regular intervals.

What can my team do with Reporting?

We provide the Reporting product so that teams can report back on and analyse the travel that the team books. 

Based on the feedback they gain from reports, teams can make appropriate changes. For example, you can adjust your travel policy. Or you may decide you need to collect additional custom data for each booking at checkout.

Who can use Reporting?

We make Reporting available to all teams. However, your team may decide that not everyone in your team needs to use Reporting. If you want to use Reporting and don't have access or don't have any report templates, please contact your Team Admin who can allow you run reports.

Anyone with access to report templates can run and schedule reports. Team members with a role with the Manage templates permission can also create and share custom report templates. Find out more about custom report templates.

Within Click Travel, we mark all reports as private. Therefore, you can see only the reports you generate yourself. Outside Click Travel, team members are welcome to share the reports they download with others.

What is a report template?

Each report is output from a report template. The report template provides a complete definition of everything that is needed to generate a report.

Click Travel provides 2 ready-made report templates. You can also build your own custom report templates. We label the 2 ready-made report templates as Default.

  • Travel Analysis Reports on travel taken or booked during a nominated time period.

  • Travel Billing Reports on travel relating to a specific invoice or credit note.

All report templates contains an in-built Excel template that provides a standard output format for reports:

The Excel template part of the report template includes raw data sheets that contain named ranges. When you run a report, Click Travel populates these named ranges with data. The report that Click Travel produces contains one sheet for the raw data and additional sheets for pivot tables etc. originating from the raw data.

Get started

Has your team booked travel already? If so, try running a report from one of the ready-made report templates.

  1. Choose one of the default templates and click Run now.

  2. Complete the form. You can apply filters to narrow down the data output in the report.

  3. Open Reports in Click Travel and wait for the report to complete. (Just refresh every few seconds.)

  4. Download the report.

Find out more about running a report.


  • If the report contains a lot of data, then the report may take a while to complete.

  • If you experience problems downloading a report, try adjusting your browser’s pop-up settings.

  • It may take up to 8 hours for new bookings to be included in the Travel Analysis report.

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