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How to create a custom report template
How to create a custom report template

Do you want to get creative with reports? Find out how to create a new report template that you can customise for your team.

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Copy a report template

Start by copying one of the default ready-made report templates:

2 Choose a report template to copy.

The report template you copy determines what filters are available to you. The report template also provides the column headers in the Excel raw data.

You can't edit these ready-made report templates
directly because they are protected.
Therefore, you need to make a copy.

3 Select the arrow next to the Run now button and click Copy template.

4 Edit the name and description. This helps to identify the new report template.

5 Apply filters, if wanted, to customise what sort of data is output from reports.

6 When finished, click Add.

You can use the Edit template option on
the Run now dropdown to change the
new template's name and description
at any time. You can also change the
filter settings.

What to do next

Do you just want to store filters inside a report template? If so, then the report template is now ready for you and your team to use to run or schedule reports.

Alternatively, you can exercise your Excel skills on the custom report template.

Using Excel as a report template builder

If you are an experienced Excel user, you can customise the new report template in Excel. For example, you can add your own pivot tables and change the column ordering. Take care, though, to keep the RawDataRange in the RawData tab intact. Also, no macros are allowed. But please feel free to add and remove any of the sheets, except for the RawData sheet.

To use Excel as a report template builder, download the new custom report template into Excel. When you are finished, save the report template as a workbook in .xlsx (Excel 2007 onwards) format. Then upload the report template into Click Travel.

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