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I haven't received an email
I haven't received an email
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If you haven't received an email from us please check that you have emailed into the correct address. You can also try checking your junk or spam folder. Finally, you can check if you have received an auto reply. If you have received no auto reply your email may not have sent. 

If you are still not receiving email, it's worth checking with your IT department to make sure they have set up your email services to accept email from Click Travel. You can direct them to this article.

Finally, here are some other tips for IT teams that may resolve the issue:

  • Check your ‘Blocked Senders’ list and make sure doesn’t appear in that list? Even if the domain is in the safe senders list, mail will still be blocked if it appears in the blocked sender list.

  • Add the  domains to the ‘Safe Senders’ list (if it’s not already).

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